Hello everybody,

I hope you are enjoying a nice sunday!

Last week I had quite a stressful week at the office which is why it took me a little longer to write the new post.

When I’m a little stressed there is always one thing that is really working out for me, but not for my wallet.. It are these times that Im getting on my bike, travel to the city centre, and I’m not coming back before I’m packed with a new outfit. I must admit that I’m really addicted to buying new clothes. I always say that this addiction is allowed since it is not a bad addiction like smoking or drinking, but people are starting to really see and name it as an addiction on me now.. People used to ask me if I had a new outfit, or complement me with something new, but nowadays they are starting with… Did you buy something new again?! Your closet must be so full! I can’t deny it any longer, I admit it to everybody who likes to know.. IAM ADDICTED to new clothes.. If I could, I was wearing something new every day. It gives me a powerful feeling, the smell of fresh never been worn clothes, the perfect fit of the clothes when you are wearing it for the first time, and when people are complimenting you, you know that you have done it right again.. This feeling can stay with new clothes up to 3 times wearing.. You can combine it with other pieces to give it another fresh and new look, and your almost as new. But I’m always sad after the first time I have washed some of my new items.. The smell of new is then gone.. And especially when it’s wrinkled and you need to iron the pieces, the fresh new powerful feeling will be gone.

I know this all sounds very spoiled and selfish.. Trust me, I know that! But my blog doesn’t have the name confashions for no reason, so that’s why I hope I can just be honest with it to you.. I hope I’m not bothering anybody with it, I don’t think I am irritating people with it.. At least it is good for the economy, is something that I sometimes tell myself.. :-) My closet is indeed very full and a few weeks ago it even collapsed.. I had to put some of the pieces back together with duck tape.. A rather painful conclusion. I’m sad and happy at the same time for just having a small place in Amsterdam where I have to be creative in looking for new spots for storing my clothes, they are at so many places that I even sometimes forget about recently bought things… It’s all very confronting.. although I’m pretty sure that once I have my dream come true walkin closet it will be hard to control myself in taking my addiction to a next level…

Enjoy your day and I hope you like my new outfit

I am wearing:

Top – Gesponnen Suiker

Jacket – Jutka & Riska

Scarf & Jeans – Zara

Pumps – Guess




image image image image image image image image image image image


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