BF blouse

BF blouse

Brrr it’s so cold these days.. I have never really been a big fan of the winter.. I actually don’t really understand why I have been born in the coldest season, while I’m mostly suffering from coldness all the time! I should have been born at the Caribbean or at least take off 2 months every year to start a wintersleep and wake up when the leaves start to grow back on the trees. Anyway, I just have to deal with it and this is why I just layer myself up in at least 5 pieces and snuggle up on the couch with a big blanket. Big vests, are essential even as my thermo underwear..haha!

Sometimes I also steal some of the winter gear from my boyfriend, but that is not always necessary since bf items are very trendy for women these days.. Next to the bf jeans, bf flat shoes are a big hit this winter, and now also big blouses/ shirts are trending this Spring Summer. I have bought  this big blue shirt last week at & Other stories and it is the perfect basic to add to my wardrobe. It can be worn the entire year and I’m sure I can wear it for a long time, since it is also made of a very good cotton quality.

I have matches the bf blouse with my oversized vest, skinny jeans and new Maruti shoes, the pony version! I hope you like it!

Love, Mary

Im wearing:

Blouse: &Other Stories

Vest: Things I like, things I love

Tregging: H&M

Necklace: Costes Fashion

Shoes: Maruti


image image image image image image

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