Brighten up

Brighten up

The last few days have been amazing on Tenerife Island. The weather is absolutely great and we have visited many lovely places where we discovered beautiful flowers and other tropical plants and some great restaurants with delicious food and tastful wines and sangrias! We have rented a car so we can see the entire island very easily. I’m in a very good holiday mood and I’m happy that the holiday isn’t over yet. Next to this relaxing vibe it turns out Tenerife is also a good place for shopping..! Yesterday we went to Las Americas, a big place full of resorts where most tourists are going to.. And of course there is also a nice shopping mall to be found. Although I’m saving up some shopping money for the next visit on the Island which is the historical capital, I couldn’t resist shopping just a little bit already and found this eye-catching yellow coat! Yellow is a very trendy colour this Spring and definitely one of my favourite colours! I like the extra zippers on the front of the jacket and the length is perfect for a spring day. The shooting location was also perfect, the sea so blue and the sky so bright, I want this holiday to never stop!

With love,

I’m wearing:
Jacket- Stradivarius
Top and skirt- H&M
Shoes- Maruti


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