Goodmorning everybody,

It is a beautiful day outside! It is time to show our new fall outfits! Although it might still be too hot, we can use those comfy and warm knits as a jacket to go outside. I think fall is one of the best fashion seasons since you can wear multiple layers. Multiple layering is extra fun when using different kind of materials in your outfit so you can different structures. Especially this autumn, where there is not a lot of color to be found in the stores and black overrules in every shop, differentiation is key in keeping the outfit exciting and unique!
Happily I found this great jumpsuit that represents the beautiful fall colors of the leaves lying on the ground..! Since it is made of thin material it is recommended to layer it with a heavy knit and warm scarf, so it looks more volumious. Wearing it like this the jumpsuit is an item that you can wear in every season, as long as you know how to mix and match with other seasonality items!
Besides that I can use the suit as a camouflage outfit when I would like to become truely one with the autumn season!
Happy fall, and happy November!

With love,



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