Denim blue

Denim blue

Im very much in fond of the denim trend.. Blue is actually my favourite color.. Well.. Maybe I’m also into some other bright colors but… its definitely my favourite basic color. Basic colors are very skin tone dependent.. As I already mentioned in a previous post, you should always discover which colors suit you best and take it from there. Every person has a few basic colors that should at least dominate in the wardrobe. As for me these colors are navy blue, off-white and brown. Black is actually a total wrong color for me, and since I have learned about this theory, I have minimised the black items that have been added to my closet. Sometimes I cannot miss out on an item, but I know for sure that when I’m getting older, black will get me even older instantly, so it will be eliminated from my wardrobe. 

This season I don’t have to worry. The seventies are back and so are white lace items, brown suede and lots of denim. It’s a total me season when it comes to colors! I’d like to show you my denim look in this post! Curious about your main colors..!

Xx Mary

I am wearing:

Blue jacket and blue top – Zara

Jeans and lace vest – H&M


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