Denim blues

Denim blues

Im writing this blog post on my way back to Amsterdam, which means I’m heading back home… Unfortunately the holiday has come to an end. Although the last week lasted really long, it’s always a bit of a sad feeling going back. However, the last days of the holiday were just as good as the first part so I have really had a great vacation. I stayed in Santa Cruz in the Northern part of Tenerife Island for the past couple of days and this was also a very nice place to visit. Although it was sometimes a little bit too quiet in the main capital. Some people said this was because of Carnaval that was a few weeks before, and now all civilians were staying home, sobering up and saving up some money.. But maybe it was also because of the time of the year. In the main shopping street it was also a pity that there were some empty stores, so the effect of the credit crisis hitting Spain could be noticed here. 

That didn’t mean there were still many shops to visit, although mainly the big chains survived on the street. I also have to keep reminding myself of the siesta that is common in Spain, with most local stores closing in between 1pm and 5pm. It mostly turned out I was just too late for going shopping… Luckily I managed to find some new pieces for my summer wardrobe. In the picture you can see my new oversized denim jacket, for a real hipster look. It’s the perfect jacket for a spring festival. This summer we really can’t deny denim and I’m happy with this trend because denim can usually be combined with many other materials and colours. 

I hope you like the new look! 



image image image image imageI’m wearing:

Top (Shoes speak louder than words) – Catwalk junkie via Gesponnen Suiker

Jeans – Vero Moda

Jacket – Pull and Bear

Shoes – Bershka 

Headband – Forever 21





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