Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs

Spotted by celebs as Rita Ora, this piece of jewellery is a new trend that makes our ears just that little bit more fancy… Today I wore these earcuffs with a plain white blouse and my hair pinned up and I must admit receiving a lof of compliments from my fellow co-workers! It’s an eye-catcher for sure! This accessoires is also a lovely piece of jewellery with a party dress for the upcoming holidays.

It works quite simple.. You plug the bottom part of the earcuff in a pierced ear, and you tag the upper part of the ear cuff on top of your earshell. For this item you need one ear pierced, but you can also find earcuffs that doesn’t require to have this..  In the beginning it might feel a bit akward to have a clip on top of your ear, but after a few minutes wearing you don’t feel anything anymore..! On the internet you can find some very affordable earcuffs, but they can also be found at larger accessoires stores, like Claire’s where I found mine.. It is also a nice gift to ask for underneeth the Christmas tree, so make use to add it on your wishlist..! I found some lovely earcuffs at these websites so make sure you check them out! One last tip.. It is recommendable to only add one ear cuff, sometimes you must choose for assymmetry, so you are not overdoing it..!





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