Fabulous shopping night at Phabbs

Fabulous shopping night at Phabbs

Thursday night I met with my friends for a fabulous shopping night in a very cute store in Amsterdam west. Phabbs fashion is located on the Bilderderdijkstraat since 3 years now and is a girly little fashion place where you can find an enourmous collection of Scandinavian Brands like ICHI and Nümph, but they also have a wide range of vintage items in the store. Besides that, Phabbs fashion offers a large assortment of statement accessoires that complement well with the lovely outfits in the shop.

Phabbs fashion organizes a shopping night upon request for friends or families who wish to spend a nice evening together and shop in a private atmosphere. During the shopping night, the shop is closed for the normal public and the shopowner treats you with drinks and bites while collecting and advising on a total ready to wear look. Every visitor of the shopping night receives their own clothing reck that can be used for collecting items that they wish to try on. Once the gathering of items have been completed, the fun part of trying on all those items start! You can try anything you like, don’t have to wait in line for the fittingrooms and the shopowner helps in adding just that little bit of extra to your chosen items.
It is a great initiative and the best part is that all items can be purchased with a 15% discount during the shopping night!

In short, the shopping night at Phabbs fashion is very recommendable, so don’t hesitate to try it out!


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