First holiday look

First holiday look

The first holiday week is almost over already and I have so many stories to tell and so many outfits to show. This first look was shot in Grasse last week. I chose this jumpsuit that’s the perfect outfit for a stroll through the city, checking out some of the museums and wandering though the little streets. Since I was not very tanned yet, it is also a good idea for hiding my very white legs, although they also didn’t get the chance of getting any bit of colour though.. But since I didn’t want to shock to many people, I decided to go for this suit. 
Finding this suit was actually one of the cheapest items that I have found this year. I found it at Zara on sale, and I might have been the one this suit was waiting for because it literally cost me less than 10 euro’s. Therefore this suit has already been my fashion find of the summer, and sales didn’t even start yet.

More holiday looks are following soon! 

Best of love,


I’m wearing:

Jumpsuit – Zara

Bag/shoes – Mangoimageimage



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