The IT bag

The IT bag

Every girl is dreaming of a designer bag. She dreams of having it one day and showing it to the rest of the world. She feels empowered while walking around with this bag, like she is on top of the world. Already when she was very little she had a preference for a big designer and collected pictures of this bag to file it in a wish list booklet. When she was going to a big city she stood in front of the store window to admire this bag, wishing it would magically appear in her hands. She was jealous of the richer girls that went into the stores with their mummy’s and daddy’s who bought it for them. Why didn’t her parents buy her such a bag?  Turned out these girls didn’t know the value of such items, for them this bag wasn’t half the emotional value as it was for her. She knew everything about the designer, the history of the brand, the quality specs of the bag and the trademarks that could differentiate this bag from the fake ones. Once she would have this bag she would carefully treat it.. Brush it up every week, polish it to make it look even more shiny and store it in the dust bag as if it also needed a beauty sleep when it wasn’t hanging on her arms. One day it would be hers, she could just feel it, and work the extra mile for it to achieve this goal. 

This story would definitely apply to me.. For me the classic Chanel 2.55 is on my wish list ever since, but also the Chanel boy bag is one of my favourites. Unfortunately these bags are also one of the most expensive designer bags, so I still need to save up some money to buy it. However I was researching other designers as well in a lower price range and my eye was caught by the brand Furla, and Italian brand founded in 1927 in Bologna that creates timeless Italians bag designs of high quality and bright colors. It fits perfectly to my style and this year I made the promiss to myself that ones I achieved some of my goals that I had set for myself at work, I wanted to buy a Furla bag. Now that I had achieved these goals the moment was there a few weeks ago.. I went to Galleries LaFayette in Nice and checked all their bags carefully and chose a blue/purple bag with a crossover zipper. A perfect bag for a shopping day! 

Now this bag is carefully stored in my closet in the dust bag.. I’m  treating it very well and it already went with me to 2 (successful :-) )shopping days..! Walking with this bag already gives me a great feeling.. Like I have really earned this bag and gives me more power to collect another bag from my wish list…




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