The future of fashion..

The future of fashion..

Yesterday it was a rainy and gray day, and what’s better than visiting a museum when the weather doesn’t permit to be outside? Luckily in Rotterdam a very exciting exhibition opened that is definitely worth checking out..!

Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam presents the exhibition ‘The Future of Fashion is now! A 1500 square-metre space were Fashion designers from all over the world are presenting fashionable art that question the status quo of the current fashion system and are coming up with innovative ideas, combining new technologies and more sustainable materials within their creations. Technologies like the 3D printer and the Google Glass are asking for merged combinations of design and technology. The exhibition for examples shows a jacket that automatically charges the smartphone of the user when stored in the pocket of the jacket. There were also some designers that use unusual materials within their installations like the Swiss Designer Jennifer Gadient who shows an inflatable coat made from transparent PVC inspired by the microscope images of bacteria and X-rays. Iris van Herpen shows a 3D printed dress in ferro liquid that creates the illusion of a growing dress. Other designers focus more on questioning the way fashion is worn and its general purpose. They are breaking with traditions, for example by creating a sleeping suit which is a blanket and a suit merged into one. Some designers are trying to go against feminine role models. A Japanese designer shows the work of ‘lumps and bumps’, a presentation of the female body that is different from the ideal curvy woman. And the Finish designer Minna Palmqvist show an installation of pink balloons representing women breasts that altogether symbolize the female body and show how fast it changes by deflating the balloons during the show.
In conclusion the exhibition is one to watch and already starts in the wardrobe where you can hang up your jacket on a rope and lift the jacket up to the ceiling so they don’t take up any space.. A very innovative wandrobe that can even be locked by the individual.
So step into the future of fashion and do it now! The exhibition can still be seen until January 18th 2015 in Rotterdam.
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