Let fashion always rule

Let fashion always rule

Ola! I feel very lucky because I am writing this blog post from a sunny island, that is treating me very well! I have arrived Friday night at Tenerife Island and I’m staying here for a week to relax and just enjoy this great island. It is around 20-25 degrees here and the view is very beautiful. I’m staying in a little apartment in the centre of a coastal area, located only a few metres walking from the beach.

The first day after arriving was time to relax, but today we already decided to go a little bit more extreme! My boyfriend and I visited the top of the island.. An old volcano in the middle of the island. It was a stunning view to travel to this place and we had to go up really high in the mountains, but it was definitely worth the trip. We also had to take the cable car that took us to the highest point of the vulcano and this was a very exciting ride..
Turned out clothing wise I was not really prepared for the ftrip.. After experiencing a sunny and relaxing climate, it turned out the vulcano was layered up in snow with an average temperature of around -3 degrees.. Luckily I’m always carrying a few layers with me so I was just wearing a bunge of clothes on top of each other, however my wedgy heels were little less appropriate for a climb on the mountain…! Anyway, a truth fashionista can walk under any circumstance, so it was a good test..! And quite hilarious looking at all the other people wearing their most well equipped gear to foster the mountain.. I bet you can see the images in your head by now, the contradictions were quite big..!
In this look I’m also wearing my new girlfriend jeans, a destroyed and baggy look that we will see more often during this season.. It is all about denim this summer so make sure you will find those baggy jeans and tear or rip them just a little bit for a destroyed look. Next to that I found this cool long blazer that is a perfect jacket during summer. During winter we already found long cardigans and this trend is now hitting summer jackets and blazers as well.

I hope you like the look! Can’t wait to show you more of my summer wardrobe!

With love,

I’m wearing:
Top and jeans – H&M
Blazer – Noisy May via Vero Moda
Jacket – handmade in Vietnam


image image image image image image image image image



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