Letter dress..

Letter dress..

I hope you had a lovely valentines day yesterday and have been overloaded with nice gifts and surprises! At least my boyfriend knew how to surprise me with a lovely breakfast, red roses and a sweet card. After that we went to go sightseeing in Amsterdam and walked into a very nice design shop were we did some nice interior shopping.. My living room will get an entire upgrade.. I will show the pictures on my Instagram when the make over is finished…!  We ended the day with a great diner that involved lots of sushi, so it was a perfect Valentines day.. Today I have started redecorating the room and I can’t wait until I’m finished.. Next week I will celebrate my birthday with a little party in my house so I hope I can surprise the people coming with my new designs in the living room..

As for clothing, I’m still into a fun mood lately so you can understand I couldn’t resist this great letter dress that The Sting is selling at the moment..! It’s a real eye-catcher and it matches well with my green jacket. There are even hashtags on the dress and some question marks, haha.. It’s an exciting dress! I’m also working on a DIY project that involves redesigning a great sweater from Moschino… It’s another fun piece I hope I can add to my wardrobe soon..!  I hope to show you next week, it’s my own treat for my birthday…

Have a great weekend!



dress- The Sting

jacket – Zara

Blouse – Only

Shoes – H&M

image image image image image image

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