Moschino DIY

Moschino DIY

Yesterday I turned one year older… I celebrated my birthday with friends and family who joined me in my little apartment in Amsterdam for a good drink! I was treated very well with some lovely gifts.. Everybody knew how to surprise me, so I’m still full of joy after this great day!

As I mentioned last week already I also treated myself to a little DIY gift.. I’m a big fan of the label Moschino and love to see their catwalk shows.. They are always hilarious and full of fun! During one of their Fall shows they showed a sweater with a cat on it, and ever since I saw this item, I couldn’t get it out of my head… Unfortunately my job is not really paying me enough to pay for this eye-catcher so I decided to be a little creative in creating my own Moschino… I asked a friend of mine to redesign the artwork  and in only a few hours she turned out to be a magnificent copy-cat! Meanwhile I went shopping for a basic sweater and found one at H&M.. After that I brought the sweater to a copy shop were they have printed the artwork on the sweater.. Et voila! My own Moschino Do It Your Self! Instead of a few hundreds of euro, this one only have costed a couple of tens of euros and besides it has been a fun project to work on! While this DIY project appealed to me I was also in the mood to do a little do it your self damage towards my old black skinny jeans.. In stead of buying a new one with holes near the knees I just took the scissors and cut..! Felt good, and saved me some money too! I say I will do some more DIY projects like these in the near future..! I’m curious about what you think of the total look, but I know I’m very happy!



Sweater – H&M ( with artwork copied on it)

Blouse – &Other Stories

Black jeans – Vero Moda (and ripped with scissors)

Shoes – Maruti

Knit – Jutka & Riska

Bag -The Sting




image image image image



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