Paris je t’aime

Paris je t’aime

December is my most favourite month of the year! It is the time to celebrate with friends, and family, enjoy the little things and take good care of each other. This year my boyfriend took me to the city of love, Paris! It is one of my favourite cities in the world.. So I love to be there very now and then…

Paris is most beautiful in December when the city of lights lightens up and it becomes sparkly! Walking down the biggest shopping centres in Paris is a little party on itself since all the windows are decorated beautiful and each tell their own story. This year Burberry sponsored the windows of Printemps and told the story of a boy travelling from London to Paris. Every window told a piece of the story, and it was wonderful to see.

The champs-élysées is a beautiful and cosy street to visit since there is a very big Christmas market located with gluhwein and ice cream and other sweets! It is a present on it selfs to visit Paris during this time of the year and I would recommend it to everybody!

During my trip, I stayed in a very nice little flat owned by a real Parissienne in the centre of Montmartre, the cultural hotspot of Paris. It was well decorated with some very stylish details. It was also next to a very lovely patisserie that baked delicious cakes so I couldn’t help myself to eat some of their fine sweets!

On the last days we visited the centre Pompidou that is a museum that hosts modern art. There was a great exhibition of Jef Koons that is a post modern artist that is one of the richest artist that is still alive. He is well known for his balloon animals and other kitch objects that are worth million of dollars. It was a very interesting exhibition with some very extraordinaire objects.

In conclusion, the trip to Paris was one to remember and I would love to go there again.

With love,


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