Back to the seventies..!

Back to the seventies..!

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you are having a great weekend! Sorry to have keept you waiting a little longer for my new post to be up on the blog. During and after my holiday I had great intentions to be a more structural blogger, but again I have to blame my busy job in neglecting my blog.. :(  These past weeks have been kind of crazy again, but I’m still very happy with the job. It has been a big roller coaster since I started and it just keeps on going. Luckily I can get lots of fun out of it, and of course I get to see all the samples for next seasons..! 😉

This season one of the big trends is the seventies trend. We are going back in time to suede items, pleated midi skirts, wide trousers and lots of fringes. The trend itself is not very innovative, but the idea is to long back to times of freedom and peace, and since we are facing rough times in the rest of the world, the seventies trend is a way of expressing ourselves to more peaceful times. Next to having a serious element to it, the seventies trend is also a very fun trend and can be expressed in multiple ways. I’m a fan of fringes and so I couldn’t resist this brown fringe jacket..! It’s seventies all over and a little Pocahontas :)  I can’t wait to wear it with a short destroyed denim pants and cowboy boots and rock it at a summer festival. In this outfit I’m wearing it with a lace blouse underneath that gives it a more romantic twist. Since the sun was finally shining today I also couldn’t wait to show you my latest pair of shoes, the espadrilles! These shoes can’t be neglected as well during this summer, and they are a real pleasure to the feet, very comfortable and fashionable! I hope the sun will start shining a lot this summer… I can’t wait any longer for it..!



I am wearing:

Fringe jacket – Seven Sisters @ The Sting

Espadrilles – Anti Blue @ The Sting

Blouse and jeans – Zaraimage image image image image image image



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