Simple yet Classic

Simple yet Classic

The first days of Fall are finally kicking in, although last Saturday we could still enjoy a last post-summer day.. September was the hottest month in hundred years in the Netherlands. While all fashion stores offered knitwear, jackets and fake furs, the thermostat didn’t drop into colder temperatures. Our minds were indoctrinated by marketing campaigns that made us want to heat the fire place and cuddle up on the sofa, reality let us celebrate the great weather by starting a barbeque party and drinking wine on the terrace. The contrasts couldn’t be any bigger, although it seems as if those warm days have now been replaced by heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. Fashion wise it can be quite difficult to pick the right outfit with all this uncertainty around, but layering can be a good solution. I love to wear different layers in my outfits and with unpredictable circumstances, you can never go wrong! Keep the basics of the outfit simple, and dress-up with some easy undressing items. My fluffy knit is a great example of such a multifunctional layer, because it keeps me warm when cycling through Amsterdam, but I wear it loosely around my neck when going for some groceries and when I’m feeling like going for a pick nick, it is a nice accessories in the park. I have kept the rest of outfit simple with a black skinny jeans and a white shirt, but I have added some golden items to spice up the outfit like my new black shoes with golden instep. To make the look a little bit more sporty I have wrapped up the endings of the trousers a little bit.. This also makes it possible to give away a sneak-peak of a fancy sock.. although I have kept it black this time.

Simple, Classic and fashionable, I hope you like it!

With love,


I’m wearing:

Skinny Jeans – Vero Moda
Shirt – Mango
Fluffy knit – Noor
Shoes – H&M
Bracelet – Supertrash


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