Think big

Think big

As I told you already on the blog, I went to Rotterdam last Saturday. Compared to Amsterdam, Rotterdam is much more raw and industrial and therefore the perfect location for the shoot that included my new pink jacket! I’m absolutely in love with the jacket and couldn’t wait any longer to put it on to show it! I actually had quite some obstacles in buying it.. I went to Zaandam by train a few weeks ago to pick up my friend, but as a real shopping addict, I couldn’t stop myself from looking into some of the stores. Since I only had 10 minutes to shop.. I rushed through the store and found this pink treasure that I just had to have! But looking through the reck, shuffing al the jackets from left to right, I almost had to go home empty handed, since my size was already sold out! But happily I found the mannequin in the store wearing my size so I maliciously ripped off my new pink friend and walked out of the store with a very big smile!

The jacket itself is warm and fluffy and also a little oversized. This winter the oversized jackets can be found a lot in the stores. It goes with the current boyfriend trend, to oversize in womens clothes. It is a great, sexy and comfortable trend, but sometimes I see some women who are a little exaggerating in the trend, which is such a pity because they can completely drown in their lovely outfits and loose sight of their curves. In this outfit I have therefore chosen to combine the oversized jacket with a waist skirt with a belt to focus some attention towards my waist. I simply love the outfit and the jacket is definately my favorite. I hope you think so too!

With love,

I’m wearing…

Skirt -H&M
Blouse – Monky
Jacket – Primark



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