Trend: Kimono’s

Trend: Kimono’s

Although winter hasn’t even started yet, I like to look forward..! In fashion business Spring season is almost starting already and while I probably need to cover up myself in an enormous amount of layers to keep myself warm in the upcoming months I have to confess hat I already bought my first Spring piece..! This Spring one of the items that can’t be missed in our wandrobe is the kimono. Originally from Japan, The kimono is actually an item that is used for very traditional ceremonies, like Japanese weddings and tea ceremonies, the real kimono costs more than 60.000 euro and is made from silk. The length of the sleeves of the kimono can also have a special meaning depending on the occasion of the ceremonies. Nowadays the kimono has been adopted as a ready-to-wear item and is a real fashion statement. This spring the kimono will be hotter than ever, and Im blessed with this kimono, since it also keeps me warm!

Im wearing:

kimono, jeans and shirt – all H&M


image image image image image


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