Tweed is better than tweet

Tweed is better than tweet

I think I should start by apologizing for my absence on the blog lately..! My new job demands quite a lot of time, although Im very greatful for all the chances that Im getting! Its nice to combine the skills learned during my studies and combine it with my greatest passion! The fashion world is very dynamic, and therefore every day is different! Sometimes I totally forget the time and end up going home around 9 pm which leaves me with a very late dinner and an angry stomic. I try to cycle to my work, so Im guarenteed of having a work-out everyday! It is also very important to eat healthy, drink enough water (especially when setting behind the computer all day) and sleep well. The body demands structure and consistancy when working really hard. Working hard also makes us lazy  which makes us to switch to microwave meals, or candy bars. I always try to do my groceries shopping once a week on a Sunday afternoon, and I try to think of all my upcoming dinners. This keeps it diverse and healthy and once Im home I don’t need to think about shopping anymore, I can just cuddle up on the couch.

So enough about my working issues.. Lets talk about fashion..! The cold weather makes it hard to shoot some of my new outfits, but Im happy with the shots of my brown and white look! Last week I went shopping in Alkmaar with my favorite fashion aunt, with whom I always went shopping when I was a little girl..! People often think my closet is infinite, but hers is 10 times larger than mine..! This is very promising for when I grow older, and so I have listed a big walk in closet on my must have list for when Im going to move to another place. My aunt and I were able to score some great new items, and this time, the result was rather brownish and nude colors. I think I was inspired by Chanels last fashion show that quoted Tweed is better than Tweet..! It made me laugh, and therefore I dedicate this post to tweeds..! I found this great blouse last week that has a brown tweed collar and it matches well with my tweed blazer! The trousers have a tweed pattern and the whole look is very fall-ish!

Have a great weekend!

Love Mary

I’m wearing..

Blouse – Superstar

Blazer – Costes

Trousers/ headband – H&M

Coat – Bershka

Scarf – Zara

image image image image  image image



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